Tuesday, July 18

i pwn

i was walking out of best buy to my car and noticed some graffiti sprayed on a concrete barrier some 30 or 40 feet away. granted - this was one of those instances i bought a digital camera for (i wanted to always be able to take a picture of something random i saw) and it was at home. the graffiti was in simple red with no embellishments and simply read
"i pwn".

how had this simple 'net meme make its way onto the wall? it was probably some prick geek squad guy, but i'd like to think it wasn't; i'd like to think that this hastily scrawled graffiti represents the pervasiveness of internet culture in america. i doubt it was done by a nerd - the type of kid who'd actually get the phrase "i pwn" - cause most nerds are sheltered pussies (myself included, up to a point). most people would see that and just be confused. Pwn? How does one pwn? How does one pronounce pwn? This would elicit a disapproving head-shake from most breeders, i suspect, so i hope i am justified in my little feeling of camaraderie with whoever sprayed that tag. I so wish I took a pic of it - it'd make a great CSS spray.

i pwn too, bro. i pwn too.


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