Friday, June 9


i have the flickr recent photos feed on my google personalized homepage. i tend to look past landscapes and objects and almost always notice pictures of people close to my age.

I stare at them and go through entire albums drinking up pictures of people at school/uni, at parties, on vacation. Doing little day to day things, enjoying themselves, talking, drinking. They might be from Europe or somewhere in the U.S., it never matters. But I pore over each one until I hit the end of an album.

These people probably put albums up for friends/family and don't expect strangers to be peering at them. I guess that's why I like them, they're honest. I live vicariously through every pictured social interaction, feel the love, the inebriation. there's no stage setting, i'm not an audience when i become some kind of flickr pseudo-voyeur. i'm just a fly on the wall.

i love pictures of banal, small things. grand images full of poise and theatrics bore me. they're sterile, they can only approximate spontaneity.

i crave the insipid and hungrily snatch it up whenever it graces my recent-photo stream like an addict scrambling for pills...


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