Sunday, October 8

oh shi-

(23:43:48) c0gitatus: i feel giddy and nihilistic
(23:44:16) c0gitatus: like...i feel like i'm giggling through nuclear holocaust
(23:44:40) Tarsorrhaphix: lyric
(23:45:06) c0gitatus: that should be someplace public

I've just got this stupid grin on my face while everything burns down around me. Why? My hand is closed, it's holding something. It could be anything. But it's making me smile..?

I don't usually feel like this; usually I feel like I'm cowering. No giggling, no smiling. Maybe a tremble or something similar. But I feel this way, sometimes. I think it's a good thing. It feels very Now. Now is very God. God is very Me. Me is something I see rarely, anymore.

"Nihilistic egotism is a paradigm about which I know everything and nothing" -K

I feel very ubermensch. I think that's good. I don't feel that way very often either.


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