Sunday, May 7


Got home today from the trail. 14.4 miles on the Appalachian; stayed in two shelters in two towns. My entire body hurts and I've been pretty dehydrated, so I'm glad to have a rest. I look forward to trying this times seven in Utah (3 weeks instead of 3 days). It's an interesting test of will - to take every step with thought and to never start wishing to be anywhere else. Even at the most painful times - like the final ascent up to the Telephone Pioneers shelter after an 8 mile day - I just plodded along, looking at my pain and letting it be. I was careful to never get too enthusiastic about the hike - for something painful and difficult was always around the corner. But I never got desperate; I kept always in mind that there would always be an end to any unpleasantness.

I liked the woods because there were no concepts, anywhere. Just life and death, nothing more, nothing less. Little conversation, no small talk, no one trying to sell me something, no needs, no quests, no inequality. Just some trees. And some mountains. And some overnight low temperatures.

I'm glad to be home, though.


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