Sunday, April 9


we were watching The Deer Hunter at a friend's house on saturday. His door was opened into his hallway and his kind-of-old dog would occasionally sit in the door frame and watch us, either coming in to request petting or wandering off. At one point she walked up and sat down again, peering around, when one of my friend's rather unaffectionate cats came to the door too. This cat would stiffly reject the touch of any human, so i was wondering what it was doing so close to the dog. While south vietnamese people and americans were being tortured by north vietnamese people on the television screen, the cat started propping itself up on its hind legs and rubbing its head against the dog's chin; next, it nuzzled up against its forearms and rolled onto its back. The dog looked peered at it down her nose and sniffed it once or twice, but never seemed to be bothered by the feline's presence.


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