Friday, April 14

murder fountain

the fountain across the road from my building was the site of the most number of violent crimes in the city in one year at one point. It's a soldiers' memorial, solid white, and adorned with angelic figures. When turned on, it spouts out water in an interesting pattern; when turned off, it looks like a forsaken sink. It's flanked by a brick block of flats and a poorly maintained road; around it are large, black, naked trees. Throughout the fall and winter it was a desolate and ominous spot to pass by before and after work, especially after dark.

This week the trees blossomed; I don't know what kind of trees they are, but they now sport beautiful white flowers all over their branches. The whole fountain is surrounded by these flowery clouds, as is most of the city. Yesterday, someone was practicing saxophone in one of the apartments while people strolled under the trees. Kids from the townhouses down the street played by the benches.


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