Sunday, December 10


drove to went well, we made good time...we were lost as soon as we hit the urban. it was astounding, the rapidity with which we completely lost our way. it took two hours of yelling, driving wildly, and swearing to finally find the place, around which we had been driving in a 5 mile diameter circle. a stoned jamaican gas station attendant finally directed us there, more or less. he laughed and laughed at us because we looked so freaked out, but were only about 3 minutes away. we ended up being almost an hour late, but still got an hour and a half of Jandek.

we got a spot in a massive parking garage afterwards and walked around hunting for a place that would feed two hungry vegetarians and a vegan, all of whom hadn't eaten anything substantial in almost 9 hours...we settled on a bizarre pizza restaurant filled with silent televisions, pacer paraphernalia, and nascar decorations. ritzy-suit-wearing people ate along side of us. i guess they need food too. the music in the restaurant was a very strange house-mix XM radio station. its tackiness was oppressing; we sat mostly in silence.

we came back only after finding a place that wasn't starbucks and would sell us coffee. on the way back to the car, a homeless man trudged by us carrying a cup of change. he mumbled something that i couldn't understand, but he was addressing us, and i assumed he was asking for some change...i felt really bad; the dude was just offering us directions, and i had mumbled "sorry man, i don't have anything." any other time i would've paid attention to him; if he wanted money i'dve given to him, if i wasn't in such a rush. i always give people money when they ask me on the street (unless they're incredibly sketchy, which most people aren't). i was pretty cold and stressed, though, so i had that weird reaction. he told us how to get to capitol street, anyway. it got us back to the car. the ride home was uneventful, its soundtrack was an entire sun ra album.

jandek was quality. his whole band was pretty tight. i was impressed with every member. jandek himself looked like william burroughs. which is beautiful and sad, i think.

i'm glad we made the trip, despite all the stress of getting there...

damn my coherency, where'd it come from?


Blogger Dan said...

That old coherency just shows up when we least expect it, doesn't it?

11:17 AM  

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