Tuesday, April 4


I ate lunch at the pizzeria near my school today. As I was walking back to school, I heard some other kids talking behind me. It was a group of girls who don't usually walk back and forth; today, though, their male friends thought it would be funny if they didn't give them a ride. The group of friends always seemed to be joking around, and always seemed inseperable - I saw them every day (they amassed near my locker before heading out on free periods). Today, though, I just heard the girls on their own. They complained about how much they disliked some of the guys they hung out with every day. "[so-and-so]'s always been a dick. [so-and-so] is nice sometimes, but he's an asshole too!" They spoke venomously, and I was surprised. Tomorrow I'll probably see them at the cafe as usual, laughing and joking.


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