Tuesday, April 22

some ideas

Some apps that I really want to write, for various motivations.

feed reader to end all feed readers (infographic headline-aesthetic)
Note that this one is a good candidate for a senior project - it's based on info theory and visualization theory. If I can pick a good concept to base it off of I can design some nice theory-based algorithms (to accomplish the infographic bit) and marry them with a tight AJAX front end. Mmm-mm.

custom, modular, AJAX based logging app for Socrates (w/ rss too)
This will sate my paranoid fears about strange people hacking Socrates (who really needs to be locked down).

gNote (crossover from http://socrates.cs.earlham.edu/trac/gNote/wiki/WikiStart
Facebook is an OS. It needs better apps. Why not an awesome social2.0 mashy one that's sexy, useful and pedagogical?



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