Thursday, June 19

it's the little things

I always roughly equate Perl and Python in my head. I recognize that they are good for different things but I forget that there's such a peculiarly "Perl" way of doing stuff (or, at least, 'my' Perl way - I don't profess to have tapped into some kind of universal Perl zeitgeist).

Here's some ultra simple code I wrote because I didn't feel like messing with getopt stuff, in both Python and Perl.

commands = ['init','rebuild','destroy']
if len(sys.argv) != 2 or sys.argv[1] not in commands:
print "Error: Specify one of (%s)" % ' '.join(commands)

my @commands = ('init', 'rebuild', 'destroy');
die "Error: specify one of (", join(', ',@commands), ")\n"
unless $#ARGV == 0 and index( join(' ', @commands), $ARGV[0] ) >= 0;

It's just...........different.

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