Wednesday, April 5

door damage

I was at the coffee house for chess night waiting for my chai with espresso with a friend. We heard some talking from behind the back door and dismissed it; perhaps this building was connected with the one behind it. The owner didn't hear it over the sound of the espresso machine; when it shut off, there was a distinct scrabbling noise coming from the other side of the door. The owner, who's usually a very calm guy, heard it and started running for the front door. We just stared after him, asking if something was wrong, and he just shouts that someone's trying to break the door. We stood there and made a move or two in chess; in the back, the owner's voice could be heard along with one or two others. Eventually he came back in, out of breath, and apologized. He said some kids - 14 or 15 - were trying to rip the handle off the door with a crowbar. They weren't trying to break in or anything, he said, since they knew people were inside, but he supposed they just didn't have anything else to do. Apparently this is the second time they've tried it - with people in the building - and have gotten caught.


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