Wednesday, March 7


I meditated today for the first time in months. I had been avoiding meditation for a long time, and I'm not sure why. I sat cross legged on my floor and it was almost immediately profound; months of built up stress evaporated as soon as I felt a deep breath enter and exit my chest. I realized more than a few things and let go of an accumulating pile of troubling delusions about myself. I clasped my hands and bowed appreciatively when I was done and went back to coding with much less weight on my shoulders.


Monday, March 5


Once I was too old and jaded (probably sometime in middle school) to enjoy winter games like sledding and snowman-building, I began to fear the season wedged between spring and autumn; it kept me indoors, made me uncomfortable, and damned me to months of sitting in front of my computer in a cold room futilely blowing on numb fingers.

This winter's been good, though. As good as summer. And it wasn't a geographic shift that changed my opinion; Indiana winters aren't too far from New York winters. I just changed my perception...

Now it's a bright day; ice and snow still dot mostly-mud lawns and a cold breeze is floating through campus. I'm watching a young townie attempting skateboard tricks and failing, post-punk is blaring out my open window, and I'm content.